Ying-Hung Chen (ying@yingternet.com)


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            Full time career in software engineering and management.


Programming/Scripting Languages:

            C/C++, M68000/Sparc/MIPS Assembler, HTML. Java, Turing, MPI, BSP, Network Sockets programming, Java Script, VRML, Tcl/Tk, Expect, Perl, Python, Jsp, PHP, XML, Databases (ODBC, JDBC), .NET (C#).


Hardware Description Languages:



Computing Environments / Admin platforms:

            MS-DOS, Microsoft Windows, Windows 95/98/ME, Windows NT(3.51/4.0)/2000/XP/Vista, UNIX(SunOS/Solaris, HP-UX, Linux, AIX, Digital,



Technical Skills Summary:





             Qualcomm CDMA 120, (Concept and terminology of CDMA)

             Qualcomm QCS 101, (Qualcomm CDMA System)




  1. Co-inventor of "System and Method of proxying communications over a complex network environment" – Currently patent pending. (submitted Aug/2000)


  1. Co-inventor of "Virtual Machine – Method And Process For Virtualizing Network Interface" – Currently patent pending. (submitted Dec/2000)




            Core member of Mandrake Linux Security Team



            Developer of Annvix Linux





9/2007 – Current        Telexper Inc.              Taipei, Taiwan

Associate VP of Engineering 閤美企業研發部協理



References available upon request



6/2006 – 8/2007          Fortunetek                  Taipei, Taiwan

VP of Engineering 富璟科技技術副總



References available upon request


6/2006 – Current        Institute For               Taipei, Taiwan



Lecturer 資策會外部講師

Teaching “Linux System Programming” and other Linux related courses. http://www.iiiedu.org.tw/taipei/


References available upon request


10/2004 – 6/2006        Instek Digital             Taipei, Taiwan

RD Project Manager

            Served as a Lead Engineer/Project Manager. My responsibility includes supervising in research, architect, design, and implement during the development cycle as well as managing project schedule and interfacing with the product team. I also involved in creating / enforcing the RD development process which includes source control, engineering discipline and check-in procedures.


3/2004 – 10/2004        Sakersystems             San Diego, CA

Technical Director

            Formalizing requirements, presenting technical/budget proposal with the clients, and taking charge over the system architect/analysis/design with the development team.


4/2001 – 3/2004          Lockheed Martin       San Diego, CA

(Formally Synetics and ACS Defense)

Sr. Lead Software Engineer

            Served as a senior member of the staff / Lead Engineer for the Security Project. My responsibility includes leading in research, architect, design, prototype and software documentation in the Advanced R&D group. Main focus of the project is utilizing Commercially available / Open Source security libraries to implement a next generation security network infrastructure. More Information is available upon request.


10/2000 – current       Aut.COM,      Los Angeles, CA


            Consulting numerous projects which includes supervising analysis patterns of DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service). Duty includes setting up Testing Network Environments, analysis/modify existing tools, simulating Network Attacks and gathering data for further research. The codes are mostly written in C on *BSD machines.


9/1999 – 9/2001          Computer Science & Eng. Dep. UCSD, San Diego, CA


            In charge of Unix/Linux based machines. Worked as online consultant support for CSE dept. Responsible for keeping the server software up to date and troubleshoot any problems.


4/2000 – 5/14/2001     Entropia.COM,          San Diego, CA

Software Engineer:

            Developing a system and method of proxying communications over a complex network. This network proxy will transparently proxying applications network (currently TCP/IP based) communication with help of the Virtual Machine technology. This scheme will work with any 3rd party client/server based programs without modifications. The codes have being developed on Win32 platform. –- Patents has being filed for this application.


Fall/1997 - Fall/1999  Computer Science & Eng. Dep. UCSD, San Diego, CA

Proctor and Teaching Assistant:

CSE 8A/8B/CSE10/CSE11/CSE100(Intro. Java, Java Data Structures, C++)

            Responsible to lead discussion session. Holding office/lab hours, Grading Homework/Exams, answer emails.


5/1999 – 3/2000                      Ericsson Wireless Communications. San Diego, CA

7/1998 – 5/1999                      Qualcomm, Inc. San Diego, CA

Engineering Intern:

            Duty includes writing automation scripts for testing Drivers (Tetra CLI). Maintaining Nim/DAS/PSTN monitoring tool using Tcl/Tk/Expect/Perl. Department System Administrator (NT and Linux).


1/1998 - 6/1998                       Praja Inc. San Diego, CA

System Administrator:

            Setting up NT/UNIX workstation/Server machines and troubleshoot any computer/network problems.


8/1997 - 1/1998                San Diego Supercomputer Center

Intern Programmer: 

            SDBAY Project Programmer (VRML) and EarthRise Project (4/1996 –



8/1996 - 12/1996         CMStat Corp. San Diego, CA

Intern System Administrator:

            Troubleshoot 95/NT/Unix machines and Perform routine backup tasks via scripts.




            B.S., Electrical Engineering, UC San Diego, 6/1998.             

            M.S., Computer Engineering, UC San Diego, 3/2000




L.Chen, S.Dey, P.Sanchez, K.Sekar, and Y.H.Chen, "Embedded Hardware and Software Self-Testing Methodologies for Processor Cores," in Proc. 37th Design Automation Conference, Los Angeles, California, June 2000.


Other languages spoken:


            Mandarin, Taiwanese.   




            American Citizen.


References available upon request